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To inspire journalists and storytellers, Multiple Journalism collects and shares information about new tools and practices in independent journalism. Browse through the most innovative cases worldwide.

The Future of Journalism is Yours

Driven by technological change, journalism is being transformed in the ways that it is used and produced. We are witnessing the emergence of a flurry of new tools and practices, leading to a redefinition of journalism in the digital age. While there is widespread fear and talk of crisis, we believe that current developments are paving the path towards better journalism and towards more independent journalists.

In our view, journalism is not just the news of the day, but telling meaningful stories about what is new or is happening in the world, understanding it in context, explaining it to others and making it available so others can use it, keep it, share it, and remix it for their needs.

Good journalists in the twenty-first century tell fact-based stories about the real world, through text, audio and visuals, which people can relate to, share and appropriate. Journalism includes blogging, hacking, radio and television reports, data mining, data visualisation, literary journalism, documentary films, photojournalism, immersive storytelling and much more.

​The website Multiple Journalism is based on the article The Future of Journalism: Networked Journalism by Bregtje van der Haak, Manuel Castells and Michael Parks.